Dennis Hall


Dennis and his wife, Iris, live in Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, Australia. In 2013 they decided to completely change their respective career paths and move to Germany for what was planned as a two year “adventure”. After almost two years of planning, they made their move in July 2015 and ended up staying in Germany for three and a half years, returning to Australia in late December 2019.

This life changing experience was the catalyst for Dennis’ first book, “If Seventy Is The New Fifty, When Do I Get To Retire?”, which centres around that experience and lifts the lid on the retirement myth,

Dennis is now living back in Brisbane, Australia, where he divides his time with pursuing his interests and helping others break free from the routines they have trapped themselves in – especially local businesses, so that they are able to enjoy a less stressful and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Career Background
Dennis firmly believes that the acquisition of knowledge is a journey, not a destination and he is happy to declare that he is still learning – each and every day that he participates in both the business and wider community.

He has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, training and technology within both tangibles (goods) and intangibles (services) at retail and wholesale levels, with more than 15 years in the tourism and hospitality industry.

He has delivered training workshops and seminars to groups ranging from 20 – 800 people, as well as Masterclasses to  6-16 people at a time throughout regional Queensland, as well as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Perth, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Career roles have included…

  • Floor sales in both the retail and wholesale sectors
  • Sales representation and sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Executive management
  • Training program development and delivery
  • Business and Executive coaching


Dennis a Fellow of the Institute for Learning and Performance, was a registered Coach & Facilitator with The Australian Institute of Management for 15 years and has the CLP (Certified Learning Practioner) accreditation. Additionally, he holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAE), together with an MBA in Marketing Management.

Some personal details…

Originally from England, Dennis was born in London and emigrated to Australia at age 8 (with his parents and 3 brothers) where he remained until aged 16. At this point his family returned to England, where he completed his high school education. However, at age 19 he decided that Australia was more suited to his values and so he returned to carve out his own future. Travelling half way across the world to establish himself was a very daunting, but exciting, prospect and it did not take him long to settle into a career path – sales, based on his communication skills.

Dennis has been married twice and has three fantastic children, Dennis (Jnr) and Cristal (from his first marriage), who are now adults carving out their own life paths. Both now live in Victoria, Australia.

He remarried in 2006 and lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland – at Noosa – until July 2015 with his wife, Iris and her delightful daughter, Jasmine (aged 25). He and Iris are now based in Moreton Bay, just north of Brisbane.

He has lived and worked in both Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

What Dennis delivers is based on a unique combination of experience & research – he really can “Walk his talk”!