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Keynotes need to have impact and they need to reinforce your key messages – in ways that are not only attention grabbing but also interesting & thought provoking……..

My keynotes do just that. Topics include:

  • Six Deadly Sins of Negotiation
    If you have ever come away from a conversation having agreed to something that you later come to regret then chances are high that you have committed one or more of the “Six Deadly Sins”. Discover what these are and, more importantly, what to do about them.
  • The Secret Language of Business
    Business conversations are all about getting people to take action – so how do you get people to “Act” without having to overtly apply force? When you learn about the “Secret language” you will understand how to get things done through and with other people and, best of all, they will think it was all their idea!
  • Timeshifting
    Money is no longer the currency of business – time is and we all waste far too much of it! If you want to understand how to stop being busy and start being productive and, at the same time, reduce your work load and stress levels – then you need to understand the principle of “Timeshifting”
  • Gen Wars
    Business is competitive but the biggest battle being waged by most businesses is internal – staff against staff, generation v generation. Australia has four different generations engaging with each other at present & the battle lines have been well & truly drawn. Don’t let your business pay the price of this war! This keynote addresses the issue & delivers insights that will help your people reach a productive truce.

All Keynotes run for 45 minutes up to 60 minutes, depending on your requirements. All can be personalised to suit your conference or event theme.

So what are you waiting for??? Contact me & let’s make your next event keynote something your people will remember (for all the right reasons)!

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