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Despite the fact that I know what I can do – you don’t & no matter what I say, you are likely to take most of it with a grain of salt!trainer

And why not?? I have often heard the quote (although I can’t remember who first said it!)…

“The only time people achieve perfection is in their resume”

Sounds cruel but it’s true!

I can guarantee you that what I have detailed in my site reflects an accurate & honest picture of my experience, skills & approach & I’m hoping that what you have seen so far confirms that, at the very least, it’s worth contacting me to determine whether I can deliver what it is that you’re looking for.

Having said all of that, there is nothing like hearing from those who have already taken that step (& then some!) to see if their experiences match my rhetoric.

So, here are some videos of the things that my customers, & those who experience me first hand, have to say:





And here are some comments from some of my clients that were a little camera shy!…….

We found the negotiation course that Dennis developed and took us through to be extremely well structured, delivered and implemented. The course had tangible techniques and points we could all implement immediately into our day to day business.

Dennis’ hands on approach and real world techniques was very refreshing and extremely relevant to the business world in which we operate. Our senior executive team’ who are all very competent and successful negotiators, all learned new techniques and areas to work on and implement. The success of any course like this is sometimes hard to measure. Yet we can honestly say that since the course, there have been deals negotiated within the company that has saved and made substantial amounts of money. If you would like to find out more about Dennis please feel free to call me.

Michael Hurley, Aria Property Development, Brisbane, Queensland

Dennis used a comprehensive consultation style to formulate our sales team training program in order to match our processes & needs. He was able to engage the participants & delivered concepts which the team were actively involved in practicing. His delivery style & content was solid, specific & effective. team members showed positive results as a consequence of Dennis’ program. I have enjoyed working with Dennis & look forward to further dealings with him in the future.

Marilyn Davies, National Manager Sales Training, Aveo Live Well, Brisbane, Queensland

Dennis -You blew them apart and coming from an independent person it was great. Your message is always strong and focused. I enjoy listening to you. If you are available I would like to do a twelve month campaign at as many BBX events as possible.

Michael Touma, Chief Executive Officer BBX Group, Sydney, NSW

Dennis stimulated my mind far beyond what I expected!

Luke Johnson, Director, The Factory Outlet, Sydney NSW

Excellent! Refreshed my thinking on leadership which will help me to streamline & grow our business.

Bronwyn Clarke, Eyecatchers Solutions, Sydney NSW

Very thought provoking and inspiring. Dennis is a very captivating speaker.

Mel Slade, Logistics Manager, Golden Gates, NSW

Great information & extremely well presented.

Gail Galea, Service Manager, Wiltrading, NSW

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