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conference presenterOne of the biggest challenges you face when organising a conference is getting your content mix right – too much focus on technically or industry based information can turn your delegates into the walking dead. Then again, not enough focus on this can leave delegates with the question “Why did I attend that conference?”

Here’s where I come into the picture….

I have delivered presentations right around Australia, S.E. Asia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand & Fiji at conferences dealing with a wide diversity of industries. My presentations tend to grab people’s attention because the topics I deliver are universally appealing – regardless of the industry in question.

You see, my speciality is people skills & communication &, no matter what industry you are in, I guarantee you that you will have people involved (after all, if that wasn’t the case your conference would have no delegates!).

Some of the more popular topics I deliver on include:

  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Staff Performance Management
  • Personal Productivity

However, these aren’t the only people & communications related topics I can deliver.

If you want your conference delegates to start thinking outside of their current limits, if you want them to be engaged & even enthusiastic – then we should definitely talk!

Contact me & I’ll be only too happy to show you the difference I can make to your next event or conference.

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