Dennis Hall

Skills Coach

I am oskills coachften asked,

Can coaching work for me?

Well, if you are experiencing any of these at present:

  • Challenges that seem impossible to overcome
  • You are not sure about what direction your career should be going
  • You are frustrated with your current pace of progress
  • You are finding it difficult to successfully deal with others
  • You can’t understand what is going wrong

Then coaching is likely to work for you.

As a seasoned Manager at Executive level, I have a keen understanding of the environmental, skill & personal factors that can contribute to success. My 14 years as a Facilitator, Trainer & Coach allow me to quickly identify where your bottlenecks might be & then assist you to develop strategies to turn these around.

Coaching is not a “Silver bullet” and it certainly will not provide you with results if you are not prepared to work hard on the issues you currently face. But, if you are serious about changing where you are at present, it can make a world of difference to your results.

Why not make contact & see if my style & skill set suit your individual needs?

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